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Dyson V15 Detect vacuum cleaner

User manual

User manual

Download the user manual for your Dyson V15 Detect™ vacuum cleaner.


Getting started

Watch the quick-start video

  • Our video shows you how to assemble and set up your vacuum, so it's ready to use.

    Not all accessories shown in the video are in included with your machine.

Charge fully before first use

It's important to fully charge the battery before using your vacuum for the first time. This helps the battery monitoring system's algorithm more accurately calculate remaining run time.

Video showing how to charge the battery

Need any help?

If you need advice about your machine, you can chat to a Dyson Expert.

LCD screen

Getting to know your LCD screen

As you vacuum, a Piezo sensor counts and measures the microscopic particles picked up. Results are displayed in a graph on-screen, with particles ranked into four sizes, from 0–500 microns (µm) and above.1

FAQs about the particle count graph

The bars and numbers in the particle count graph will slow down to show that less debris is being picked up, letting you know you’ve achieved a deep clean.

The particle count is a scientific measurement of the debris in your bin. Each bar represents a different size of dust particle. The bars rise faster when more debris of that size is vacuumed.

Reactive suction power works with all cleaner heads, including the Dyson Laser Slim Fluffy™, High Torque and Direct drive cleaner heads, and the Dyson Hair screw tool.

In Auto mode, the motor – which controls suction power – intelligently reacts to the amount of dust detected to provide a deeper clean, automatically. More dust, more power. Adjusting the motor sensitivity in the settings menu affects how responsive your machine is to the level of dust detected. Set to ‘High’, and your machine will react more often, and provide more suction power, when a smaller concentration of dust is detected. Set to ‘Low’, and suction power will react less often, and to larger amounts of dust. To change the motor sensitivity, hold the selection button beneath the LCD screen to enter the settings menu. Then tap the button to scroll through to the motor sensitivity settings. Hold to select, then choose your preferred setting.

Yes. The graph works independently of the attachments, and can be used with all cleaner heads, tools and accessories.

To reset the particle count, either charge your machine (the count will reset after 30 minutes of charging) or remove the click-in battery for 15 seconds before replacing. The vacuum can be purged of any residual dust in the cleaner head or wand by activating suction away from any surface for 10 seconds.

Dyson DLS™ (Dynamic Load Sensor) technology senses when the floor type changes, by monitoring brush bar resistance while using the High Torque cleaner head. The piezo sensor senses changes in dust levels, and works with any cleaner head.

While we can measure particles as small as 0.1 microns in the lab, it’s not yet possible to fit these measurement technologies into a vacuum cleaner. What we can't yet detect with our piezo sensor, we can filter out. Our HEPA filter media can capture 99.97% of particles down to 0.1 microns in size.

Your LCD screen also displays

הגדרות, התראות והודעות

לכניסה אל תפריט ההגדרות, יש ללחוץ על לחצן הבחירה. יש להקיש על הלחצן כדי לגלול דרך האפשרויות, וללחוץ לחיצה ארוכה לבחירה. יש ללחוץ על הדק ההפעלה כשתחליטו להתחיל בשאיבה.

Alerts and notifications

Power modes

Getting to know your power modes

Your vacuum has three power modes, each designed for different tasks. Change power mode quickly by tapping the selection button.

  • LCD screen showing Auto/Med mode

    Auto/Med mode

    The optimum balance of power and run time. Med mode applies when a non-powered tool is attached.

  • LCD screen showing Eco mode

    Eco mode

    Maximum run time, for longer cleans all around your home.

  • LCD screen showing Boost mode

    Boost mode

    For the toughest tasks. Designed for quick, intensive cleaning of ground-in dirt.

Intelligent suction power

Dyson recommends Auto mode for the best experience. In Auto mode, suction power automatically increases when higher concentrations of dust are detected. Once the dust is removed, power returns to normal to conserve the battery.2

FAQs about power modes and LCD screen

Both modes provide the optimal balance of power and run time. Auto mode works with all cleaner heads and the Dyson Hair screw tool, and automatically adjusts suction power to match the level of dust detected. Med mode is displayed instead of Auto mode when non-powered tools are attached, e.g. the Crevice tool.

Hold the selection button to enter the settings menu. Hold the ‘Select language’ option to view the languages available. Tap the button to scroll through the list. When you reach your preferred language, hold the button to select. If you select the wrong language, release the button before the countdown ends. To confirm the language, hold the button until the countdown ends.

The LCD screen only uses up to 1.5 watts of power, which won't noticeably impact run time.

Cleaner heads

Getting to know your cleaner heads

  • Laser Slim Fluffy™ cleaner head wth green laser

    Laser Slim Fluffy™ cleaner head

    Hard floor specialist. 25cm-wide cleaner head with soft nylon and anti-static carbon fibre filaments, removes fine dust from hard floors and narrow gaps. With a low profile to reach further under furniture.

  • High Torque cleaner head picking up dust and hair

    High Torque cleaner head with anti-tangle comb

    Powerfully sucks up dust and hair from all floors. De-tangling comb automatically clears hair from the brush bar. Cleaner head intelligently adjusts suction power to match the floor type, so you can deep clean between carpets and hard floors, without changing the cleaner head.

FAQs about cleaner heads

The laser is optimised to work on any smooth, hard floor – including white surfaces and wood laminate. The laser effect is visible in up to roughly 500 lux ambient light – about the same as a well-lit kitchen space. Direct sunlight is in the order of 10,000+ lux and not possible to outshine.

The human eye has evolved to be more sensitive to green light than any other colour, helping to enhance contrast and revealing more invisible dust.

Yes. The laser is Class 1 – the safest there is in all conditions.

Yes. The laser can be turned on or off using a slide button on the cleaner head.

The laser can be wiped clean with a microfibre cloth.

It is not waterproof.

This is a hard floor only technology. The laser effect does not work on carpet, and would not be useful on the Direct drive cleaner head.

No. The laser uses roughly 1W of electrical power, far too tiny to have a noticable impact on run time.

We’ve re-engineered the Dyson High Torque cleaner head to include anti-tangle technology. While it still powerfully sucks up dust and hair from all floors, we’ve added a de-tangling comb that automatically clears hair from the brush bar.


Dyson-engineered accessories

Our accessories add even greater versatility. Each can be attached to the wand for cleaning up high, or directly to your machine for handheld cleaning.

  • Hair screw tool picking up hair

    New Hair screw tool

    Picks up long hair and pet hair. Fast. Anti-tangle conical brush bar spirals hair off and into the bin to prevent wrapping of hair around the brush bar.

  • Crevice tool picking up dust

    Crevice tool

    Engineered for precise cleaning around edges and narrow gaps.

  • Combination tool

    Combination tool

    Two tools in one, for simple switching between surfaces.

  • Soft dusting brush

    Soft dusting brush

    Soft bristles to gently dust around the home.

  • Stubborn dirt brush

    Stubborn dirt brush

    Stiff bristles to clean dried-in and stubborn dirt.


Getting the best from your battery

FAQs about the battery

A full charge takes up to 4.5 hours.

Run time is displayed on the LCD screen, and your machine will pulse three times to alert you if it's getting low.

Yes, your swappable battery packs can be charged on or off your machine, on or off the dock.

We recommend alternating your batteries regularly to prolong battery health.

Yes, the battery is designed to be left on charge, to ensure your vacuum is ready for the next use.

We recommend charging your machine after every clean to maximise run time.


Maintaining your machine


Why it's important to clean your filter regularly

The filter captures microscopic dust, which can accumulate and affect performance. Help maintain suction by washing the filter at least once a month, or more frequently if used heavily.

How to clean your filter

  • Removing the filter

    1. Remove your Dyson filter

    Remove your filter by unscrewing the post-motor filter from the machine.

  • Removing excess dust

    2. Remove excess dust

    Tap your filter lightly on the side of the sink or in the bin, to remove any loose dust and debris.

  • Rinsing the filter with water

    3. Rinse filter

    Wash your filter with warm tap water – gently rubbing it with your hands. Don't use detergents.

  • Shaking the filter to remove excess water

    4. Give it a firm shake

    Fill your filter with warm tap water. Cover the open ends with your hands and shake firmly to remove the dirt. It's important not to agitate the filter media, i.e. the pleated elements. Repeat until the water runs clear, and then firmly shake the filter to remove all excess water.

  • Filter left to dry

    5. Leave to dry for 24+ hours

    After washing your filter, leave to dry for at least 24 hours in an area with plenty of airflow, such as beside a fan or open window. When drying, position the filter with the larger end on the surface. Your filter must be completely dry before you put it back into the machine, or it could damage the motor. Don't dry in a tumble dryer, microwave or near a naked flame.


Don't overfill the bin

Overfilling the bin can reduce suction and affect the accuracy of the particle count. To maintain suction, empty as soon as debris reaches the MAX marker.

צג ה־LCD יתריע על חסימות בנתיבי האוויר של השואב. איור שיופיע על גבי הצג יציג אילו נתיבי אוויר יש לבדוק.


פתיחת סתימות

צג ה־LCD יתריע על חסימות בנתיבי האוויר של השואב. איור שיופיע על גבי הצג יציג אילו נתיבי אוויר יש לבדוק.


Washing the Dyson Laser Slim Fluffy™ brush bar

You can wash your Laser Slim Fluffy™ cleaner head's brush bar in warm water.

Maintaining the High Torque cleaner head

Your High Torque cleaner head with anti-tangle comb can be wiped clean with a damp, lint-free cloth.

FAQs about maintenance

Your machine will pulse seven times to alert you if there’s a blockage. You can follow the animated guide on your LCD screen to clear it.

The LCD screen on your machine will remind you when it's time to clean your filter. This will usually be around once a month, but may be more frequent if you use your machine more heavily. After cleaning the filter, always leave it to dry for at least 24 hours. You must ensure it's completely dry before refitting. We recommend following the cleaning instructions and cleaning by hand. The filter is not suitable for dishwasher use.

Your machine works independently and doesn't currently connect to the Dyson Link app.

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