Dyson V8™ vacuum cleaners.

For powerful suction, everywhere.

Dyson V8 vacuum cleaner picking up debris from carpet

Gets everywhere that dirt does.

Lightweight and versatile. So it's easy to clean up high, down low and everywhere in between.

Dyson V8 vacuum cleaning hard floor under low positioned piece of furniture

Drives dirt from carpets.

The direct-drive cleaner head's motor pushes stiff nylon bristles into carpets to capture deep-down dirt.

Dyson V8 cleaner head picking up debris from carpet

Perfectly balanced, to reach up high.

With the motor in the handle, the Dyson V8™ stick vacuum uses Archimedes' principle of the lever to make it easy to lift and clean high places.

Woman using Dyson V8 to clean high position

Changes to a handheld in one click.

Quickly transforms from a stick to a handheld vacuum and back again, with just one click. For speedy spill clearance or complete home cleaning.

Dyson V8 being turned into a handheld vacuum

Fast car cleaning.

Small enough for hard-to-reach places around the cabin. Powerful and long-lasting enough to clean your whole car, properly.

Dyson V8 as a handheld cleaning car interior

Hygienic bin emptying.

The hygienic dirt ejection mechanism drives out trapped dust and debris in one action. A silicon collar pushes the dirt down a chemically-etched stainless steel shroud, so you don't need to touch it.

Dyson V8 being hygienically and easily emptied into a bin

Always on hand.

The wall-mounted charging dock recharges your Dyson V8™ vacuum. So it's ready whenever you need it, and easy to store as soon as you've finished.

Dyson V8 being placed into wall mounted bracket

Cleans. And cleans. For up to 40 minutes.

A re-engineered nickel-cobalt-aluminium battery provides up to 40 minutes of fade-free suction.1 For powerful, whole-home cleaning.

Woman cleaning with the Dyson V8 vacuum cleaner in a variety of scenarios

Choose your model

  • 40 minutes of run time*
  • Includes Direct Drive Electric Brush for carpets and Soft Roller for hard floors
  • 6 tools and accessories included
3% of 5
  • 30% more suction power than a Dyson V8™ vacuum
  • 60 minutes of run time1
  • Includes Direct Drive Electric Brush for carpets and hard floors
  • 5 tools and accessories included
Was ₪1,950.00 ₪1,800.00 Save ₪150.00
  • 3 Dyson tools for cleaning your home and car.
  • Compatible with:
  • Dyson V7
  • Dyson V9
  • Dyson Cyclone V10
  • Dyson V11
  • The only vacuum with laser and dust detect technology. 2.2kg lightweight
  • Dyson’s powerful, compact cordless vacuum²
  • Direct drive cleaner head removes ground-in dirt from carpets.
Latest Technology
  • Laser reveals microscopic dust1
  • Dyson’s most powerful, intelligent cordless vacuum.2
  • Includes 2 cleaner heads and 6 tools
Was ₪3,699.00 ₪3,599.00 Save ₪100.00



Illustration of the inner workings of the Dyson V8 motor and cyclones

1Applies in powerful suction mode when using a non-motorised tool.

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